The Hidden Stories Behind our Structures

I'm very excited to say that I have a book deal! We're releasing in February 2018.

I find living in a city exhilarating. I love the constant movement of people, the buzzing street markets and variety of cuisines available. I can visit museums, travel quickly on an underground train from my office to a meeting, and walk a few minutes to the local shops to buy milk late at night.

In a city, we are surrounded by buildings; we see bridges spanning our rivers. We get fresh water from our taps every day and our waste disappears quickly and without odour. Our lives are intricately intertwined with the technology that makes our modern life possible. But how many of us truly understand and appreciate the engineering and sheer human effort that has gone into giving us this comfortable way of living which we take for granted? Who are the amazing people that have made this happen, and how have techniques from 10,000 years ago influenced how we live today?

BUILT is my first book. It will be a celebration of the modern world and how we as a species built it together. It will tell the stories of the forgotten heroes who found ingenious solutions to the problems of civilisation. Each chapter will describe one of mankindís great achievements: how we spanned vast distances, how we built towers that reach for the skies, how we saved lives by taming natureís water cycle. We explore how these have evolved over time, from the expedient solutions of our most ancient ancestors to the cutting- edge techniques that are still being developed today.

BUILT is aimed at a general audience, and is for anyone who is intrigued by how we live and how we build the world around us. I have been inspired by the physics books of Stephen Hawking and Jim Al-Khalili and the mathematics books of Simon Singh. I hope that BUILT can help to break down barriers of misunderstanding to those who do not know what engineering is and can help inspire the next generation of innovators to take up these challenges.

Press release!

Thanks to my agent PEW Literary and publisher Bloomsbury Publishing

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